Are Personal Solar Panels Feasible?

Posted on July 31, 2011
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Personal solar is a term that most folks have not yet heard about. Most everyone has seen a solar panel or 2, but usually only mounted on roofs. Only a few people have heard about solar cells for personal use. But they are out there, and their popularity is growing. What precisely is a personal solar panel? In most situations, a personal solar panel is a fold out or rollable solar cell constructed from thin film flexible solar technology for charging personal electric devices.

There are a few makers of these panels, and the prices are really more reasonable that you would expect. The one question people always ask is do they work? Do they charge your devices quick enough to make a lot of difference? The answer really is dependent upon how much sun there is. With full sun exposure, some flexible solar panels can charge your personal electronic devices in right around 4 hours.

Sure a vehicle charger will recharge your portable electronics considerably faster than that, but a vehicle isn’t always an option. For hiking, camping, or simply hanging out in a quiet park somewhere to work and read emails, it’s good to have the power to charge your devices right where you are, especially when you factor in the price. Most of the premiere brands in personal solar panels sell for only $100.

Though critics argue the power your get from personal solar panels isn’t enough to be considered a viable way to charge, many are looking towards personal solar panels just out of principle. Though they won’t be as effective or quick as other techniques of charging, powering devices by the sun is just good for the environment. If you have the time, why not let the sun charge that laptop?

The question of viability is still really debatable. While personal solar panels are not so fast or effective as other charging methods, they’re green and healthy for the environment. Green technologies are often ineffectual in their early stages, yet they only have the chance to improve by people bearing with them for the sake of the bigger picture of a cleaner environment.

Flexible solar panels for portable use are becoming more popular every day. The premiere brands like the Goal 0 Nomad are pretty convenient, cheap and efficient. Check them out.


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