Bio-diversity Conservation

Posted on May 31, 2011
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Bi-diversity can be defined as the variability of all living organism both plant and animal species. It is highly significant for the perfect balance of our –eco system. It helps in maintaining the level of oxygen and assists in human survival. Bio-diversity makes the environment very pristine and preserves the purity of water. For aesthetic preservation and for spiritual and cultural values maintenance of bio-diversity is very necessary. Many indigenous groups in the world are still dependent on the natural resources. It provides them the means of livelihood and they also posses the knowledge to preserve it.

There has been a rapid loss of bio-diversity because of the growth in human settlement and urbanization. Everyday so many species gets instinct from the earth. There are instances when wild animals encroach upon the human settlement. This is because of their natural habitant becoming restricted. Wild animals are born predators and naturally attack humans which is considered as threat.

Not just terrestrial life but even marine life is getting destroyed because of unprecedented human intervention. The main reason why marine life is getting destroyed is over fishing and destructive methods of fishing.

We are already feeling the repercussions of the loss of both terrestrial as well as marine life. The excessive use of pesticide in fertilizer is responsible to the destruction of natural pollinators like birds and insects. At the same time such fertilizers destroy the quality of soil as well.

There is a growing need to conserve forest and natural habitat for the sake of the environment as well the sustainability of the future generations. We as concerned global citizens must be aware of the destruction being caused to our environment. Green building or sustainable is a new architectural philosophy which has evolved.

The designing of the building is done is such a method wherein renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, rain water is used. Such buildings comprise of large windows which allows maximum daylight inside the building. This is cost effective|economical at the same time environmental friendly. A lot of emphasis is given on the plantation of tress which automatically keeps the temperature of the building down during summer days. For winter months method such as insulated or double layered walls are incorporated. Such a design helps in little consumption of electricity and is also pocket friendly. Our West Covina electricians can ensure that such structures can profoundly minimize environmental degradation.

Reducing water consumption is one of many agenda of the makers of green building. Low pressure water faucets are used to check unnecessary wastage of water. Besides this water harvesting is also done which essentially means storage of rain water and its use at a later stage. According to West Covina plumbers it is the best way to preserve water.

Re-cycle material is also used in constructing a green building like metal pieces, glass, roof tops, recycle stone etc. In this way waste material can be effectively used. In order to design your rooftop using re-cycle material you may contact West Covina roofers.


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