UPS Systems - What Are They?

Summary: Most commonly used are the small UPS contraptions that can conveniently be placed alongside a desktop PC to power it in case of a utility failure. If you want to be sure you have total protection then this is not a good idea, as it does not give complete protection against brownouts and spikes. [...]

Air Purifiers Review – 5 Key Factors Model

To begin with it was 4, now it’s the 5 Key Factors Model. With reference to our antecedent post, we have now added Scientific Peer Review as the fifth key factor in our air purifier review model.
Our research indicates that the lack of scientific peer reviews is a major stumbling block to all the interested [...]

Reducing The Carbon Footprint Of Reading With E-Book Readers

In 2008 the US book and magazine industry sector was responsible for the felling of 125 million trees. Many publishing firms are environmentally aware and use sustainably sourced wood pulp for their paper. Simply put, they plant a tree for every one they cut down. However, not all do this and even those who do [...]

Will algae oil save the Earth?

Will we save the Earth by algae oil?
In our green real estate section we usually try to focus on environmentally friendly tips for our homes. However, this time it will be about some interesting research, which can help us to get rid of the feelings of guilt associated with driving our gas guzzling cars. [...]


Global demand for all forms of energy is expected to increase by 54 per cent over the next twenty years, according to forecasts from the US Energy Information Administration.The EIA long-term forecast also predicts that world electricity demand will soar to nearly double by 2025.  Most of the world’s energy is produced from fossil fuels [...]

Solar Power: Are the Savings Worth the Cost?

If you are thinking about installing a solar power system to your home, the costs and the savings are significant issues.. First, there is the initial outlay of buying and installing the solar panels. But there are also a lot of ways that you will save money, not only with your immediate utility savings, but [...]

How Can I Reduce My Power Bill?

If you have been concerned about the enormous electricity bills you have been getting, there are things that you can do about it. You can reduce your power costs by following some very simple actions.
Below are some actions you can take to reduce your utility bills.
Use Less Electricity: When you leave a room, turn off [...]

Are Solar Panels Risky In The Winter?

If you reside in a region that experiences severe winters you may want to know if solar panels would work on your home. After all, days or weeks of dark skies, snow flurries or monsoon rains hardly seem compatible with a technology that depends on sunlight to run it.
However, the past 10 years have [...]

Effective Cost Management - Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Friendly Kitchens

A drill is a part of a tool that bores holes. It is typically a long pointed piece of metal placed into a machine and rotated at high speed. It is often employed in areas where boring of hard substances such as metal, wood, masonry and rock is needed. One of the important [...]

What Happened to the Summer?

Do you know what I was thinking of today? The summer holidays are nearly over and September is nearly here. I was looking through a mag when I noticed the face of Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh. Yes thats right it was because of the 2009 X Factor starting soon. I mean the year has [...]

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