Power4Home Review: Homemade Solar Cell

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Power4Home Quick Summary
Lately solar and wind power has been in the news a lot. The myth that homemade electricity generators will cost you thousands may have been true in the past. Power4Home busts that myth. It is possible to build a green energy system for approximately $200. Go here for [...]

Beat the Crisis - Get Your Own Solar Power

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These days, everybody is talking about the economy. Indeed it appears there is some crisis going on. So few people buy cars now that major car manufacturers are on the verge of bankruptcy. And why don’t people buy cars?
One reason is the bad economy. But there is another thing: the [...]

Help Our Earth and Put in a Homemade Solar Cell

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Climate change and the environment is top of the global agenda today as the need to cut down on carbon emissions becomes increasingly apparent. As the leaders of the world come together to stragegize how to stop global warming and reduce emissions, we can also do our part to help. [...]

Make Your Own Solar Panels

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During each year the sun radiates 170 Petawatts on the earth’s atmosphere of which 80 Petawatts penetrate to ground level. In order to understand what this relates to, half a year’s worth of solar energy that reaches the ground, 80,000 trillion watts or 40 Petawatts, is greater than all our existing [...]

All About Photovoltaic Panels For Newbies

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In summary, a solar panel is just a device that takes the collection of sunlight and converts it into electrical energy or heat. More and more homeowners are wanting to become indepent of the grid and starting to implement a homemade solar panel. You can as well but proceed with caution. [...]

Solar Energy Panels Might Finally Be Economical

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Solar energy panels are once again on the minds of consumers. More and more homes are looking to install solar energy panel systems to combat rising cost of fuel. Be cautious if you are considering doing it for your home. Do your research and read reviews. Electricity is dangerous. Ensure you [...]

An Existing Solution To U.S. Energy Shortage

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While both the demand for energy and energy prices continue to increase, nonrenewable sources of energy, particularly fossil fuels, are decreasing. These factors, coupled with the effects of pollution and global warming, are driving consumers and industry to call for a better solution to the world’s energy needs. One thing that [...]

Solar Thermal Works in Your Home! Here’s How!

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Hi I’m Ralph Somers, moderator of Ralph’s Green Energy Guide. Now that energy is a big societal concern, almost all homes have the ability to take advantage of passive solar heating technology. A big part of this process is solar thermal.
How Thermal Mass Works In Your Home
Getting a little free heating [...]


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During this time of rising energy costs, global warming that is a result of our over-excessive use of fossil fuels and toxic substances that saps the strength from our planet, a move towards the usage of more environmentally friendly sources of energy like geothermal, wind and solar energies have been renewed. [...]

Feed-In Tariffs in Europe

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The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) is an incentive invented to reward the production of renewable energy both by households and investors. Power companies are required to purchase back, at rates higher than the market, power produced from renewable sources; such as wind, thermal solar, photovoltaic solar, biomass, hydro and geothermal. This tariff [...]

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